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ES-innoCast GmbH is a trade of Edelstahlwerke Schmees GmbH. The company was founded 2003. InnoCast builds Zero- and small series at rapid manufacturing method. ES-innoCast GmbH

The brewery was opened in December 1998 in the former administration and factory canteen building of the “Copitzer Gießerei”. Among other things “Bastei-Pils” and “Giesser Dunkel” are brewed in the brewery. Brauhaus Pirna “Zum Giesser”

In the year 2001 the distillery has been added to the “Family”. The gastronomy is pictorial seated between the river Elbe and the vale “Amselgrund”. Here accrue award winning noble ghosts (in german: “Edelgeister”) made from fruits, herbs and spices. Destillerie “Geist von Rathen”

An innovative network for the Arab region. Edelstahlwerke Schmees presents itself as part of a European network in the Middle East. Infos:

The home of Edelstahlwerke Schmees. Stadt Langenfeld im Rheinland

The second home of the Steelworks Schmees and since 1993 the main headquarter in the city Copitz. Pirna – Die Stadt zur Sächsischen Schweiz

We actively support the campaign “Advantage Langenfeld”. We are pleased to advertise the business location Langenfeld as a location ambassador, As a customer of Schmees you can profit with us from the benefits that Langenfeld has to offer. Vorteil Langenfeld. Sehen Sie selbst.

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